Parenting time is how the court specifies the time the child will spend with each parent.  It is determined according to the best interests of the child.  MCLA 552.27a(6) also specifies other specific factors a court may consider when determining a parenting time schedule.  Generally, whenever a court determines a child’s custody, it also must order some kind of a parenting time arrangement.


You may have an order for reasonable rights of parenting time.  That means parenting time is between you and the other parent to determine.  If you cannot agree on parenting time, you will need a specific parenting time schedule.  You should first file a parenting time motion, which you can find under Forms & Links.


The Friend of the Court and Parenting Time


Once parenting time has been ordered, the Friend of the Court will enforce the order if there are violations.  If you believe the other parent is violating your parenting time order, you should submit a written complaint that specifically explains the violation. If the Friend of the Court determines that there was a violation, the office will take steps to enforce the order as specified at the Michigan Legislature website.