Make Payments Simply.

Delta County now accepts credit and debit card payments through GovPayNet and eXpress Account. Payments can be made with a major credit, debit or prepaid debit card, including:

GovPay Credit Card logos

Payments can be made for:

  • Jail Inmate Accounts
  • Posting Bond
  • Miscellaneous Jail Fees
  • Road Patrol Fees

To make a payment, you will need the following:

  • Pay Location Code (PLC #)
  • Payment Amount
  • Name of person for whom payment is being paid
  • (Other information that your agency requires)

Jail Inmate Accounts & Posting Bond:
eXpress Account Logo

Miscellaneous Jail Fees:
Gov Pay click to pay icon for Miscellaneous jail fees

Road Patrol/District Court Citations:
Gov Pay click to pay icon for Road Patrol fees

GovPayNet is a privately contracted credit and debit card processor under an agreement with the agency
intended to receive payment. If the payment is bail or bail-related, GovPayNet is the merchant of record,
providing a remote cash bail processing service. For all other payments, the collecting agency is the merchant.
If you have any questions about GovPayNet’s role, please discuss them with the contracting agency.