The statues of the state of Michigan authorize the Delta County Road Commission to issue special permits for the movement over county roads of vehicles or loads, which exceed the size or weight limitations specified by law.


It is the purpose of the Delta County Road Commission to permit the movement of necessary overweight and oversize vehicles or loads consistent with the following obligations:


  • Protection of the motoring public from potential traffic hazards.
  • Protection of road surfaces, structures and private property.


Permit Fees
Single Move and Single Mobile Home Permit$25.00
Multiple Trip Single Move$50.00
Extended Transportation and Extended Mobile Home Permit$100.00
Buildings and Special Loads$100.00
Right of Way or Driveway Permit$25.00
*Checks to be made payable to the Delta County Road Commission. Do not accept credit cards.


Rules for the Movement of Oversize or Overweight Vehicles and Loads

All-Season Roads in Delta County