Before you post a bond, you should be aware of the following:

Money Refund:
If you are able to recover your bond money, it can only be returned by the court that has jurisdiction in the case.

47th Circuit Court:     310 Ludington Street, Escanaba, MI.  49829     (906) 789-5103
94th District Court:    310 Ludington Street, Escanaba, MI.  49829     (906) 786-5106

Booking Fee:
Enrolled House Bill 4517 allows the Sheriff’s Office to collect a $ 12.00 booking fee when a person is admitted into jail. The booking fee revenue is used for training and inmate programs under the local corrections officer training act.

Bond Payment:
Bonds paid with the Sheriffs Office are processed through the Canteen kiosk.  Canteen kiosk is located in the annex lobby of the Sheriff’s Office,  111 North 3rd street Escanaba, MI. 49829, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Canteen kiosks  accepts cash bills only, Master Card/Visa debit and credit cards. The kiosk do not accept coins, money orders or checks. The Sheriff’s Office cannot make change. Correct bill denomination are needed for the bond and fees.

Canteen kiosk, the vendor of the bond and fees, charges a fee for their service. The fee will vary, depending on the amount of the bond.
The Canteen kiosk do not give change.  Any overage paid will automatically be deposited into the inmates spending account.
Bonds may also be posted online by going to the eXpress Account website where bond may be paid by Master Card/Visa debit or credit card.

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